Assurena Insurance Agency is an independent insurance brokerage agency that carries some of the best coverage options in the entire New USA.

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Legal advisory services

Buying a home in Orihuela Costa


We facilitate the purchase of your home in Orihuela Costa with specialized advice and personalized options to find the ideal property.

We guide you in each step of the purchase process, from the search to the signature, ensuring a safe and succesful transaction.

Property for sale in Orihuela Costa

Home sale

We maximize the value of your property in Orihuela Costa, offering effective strategies for a quick and profitable sale.

We take care of the integral managment of the sale, from the valuation to the negotiation and closing of the contract.

NIE processing in Orihuela Costa

NIE processing

We expedite obtaining your NIE in Orihuela Costa, providing complete advice and support in legal procedures.

We solve any doubt or inconvenience so that you can obtain your NIE quickly and without complications.

SIP processing in Orihuela Costa

SIP processing

We manage the registration in social security in Orihuela Costa and we process the SIP to acces medical services with ease.

We advise you in the selection of the best social security regime and we accompany you in the process of obtaining the SIP.

Digital certificate in Orihuela Costa

Digital certificate request

We facilitate the request for your digital certificate, allowing you to carry out procedures and procedures online safely.

We provide you with the neccessary assistance to obtain your digital certificate and take advantages. 

Nationality by residence in Orihuela Costa

Nationality by residence

We advise you in the process of obtaining nationality by residence in Orihuela Costa, guaranteeing a succesful managment.

We prepare and review the neccesary documentation so that you can obtain nationality in an efficient and timely manner.

Translations in Orihuela Costa


We offer legal translation services in Orihuela Costa, ensuring precision and quality in each document. 

We have translators specialized in the legal sector to meet your translation needs accurately.

Registration process in Orihuela Costa

Registration process

We take care of the registration process in Orihuela Costa, helping you to meet the neccesary requeriments.

We assist you in the collection of documents and the presentation of procedures for your registration with efficiency.

Modification of registration in Orihuela Costa

Modification of registration

We take the necessary steps to modify your registration in Orihuela Costa, guaranteeing an adequate update.

We provide you with guidance in the modification process so that you can make changes to your registration without complications.

Proceedings change of supplies: in Orihuela Costa

Processing change of supplies:

We expedite the change of supplies in Orihuela Costa, guaranteeing a transition without interruptions in your basic services.

We help you manage the change of electricity, water or gas companies, ensuring quick and uncomplicated management.

Fiscal representation for one or two people in Orihuela Costa

Fiscal representation to one or two people

We provide personalized tax representation in Orihuela Costa, taking care of your interests and complying with your tax obligations.

Our expert team in taxation provides advice to maximize benefits and comply with tax responsability.

Document on the right of precision in Orihuela Costa

Document on the right of precision

We draft legal documents on the right of precision in Orihuela Costa, ensuring a clear and precise wording.

We protect your legal rights through strong and effective legal documents on the right of precision.

Power of attorney in Orihuela Costa

Power of attorney

We prepare powers of attorney in Orihuela Costa, allowing you to grant legal representation to third parties with full validity.

We assist you in the process of granting powers of attorney, ensuring the correct formalization and registration.

Processing tourist license in Orihuela Costa

Processing tourist license

We facilitate the processing of tourist licenses in Orihuela Costa, ensuring compliance with the necessary legal requirements. 

We advise you on obtaining a tourist license so that you can offer tourist services with complete legality and confidence.

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